Soccer For Life

Creating friendships. Developing character.
Strengthening bodies. Fostering discipline.
We believe in Soccer for Life... Creating joy
in the present, and fulfillment for a lifetime.

It's About The Opportunity

To grow, to learn. To succeed, to fail.
To test, to be tested. To win, to lose.
Experiencing the fullness of life,
through the game we love.
Providing opportunity... It's why we're here.

FC Boulder
Annual Donation Drive

Please participate in our annual
FC Boulder Donation Drive.
Once a year, we specifically ask
for your help... help in providing a
memorable and formative experience
for hundreds of young people that need
financial assistance to play soccer.

For our community ... For our future.

With your help, FC Boulder will continue to evolve as a significant cornerstone of our community. Your donation to the FC Boulder Foundation will allow us to extend our reach and grow our influence throughout Boulder County with, in particular, those families who might not otherwise be able to participate in organized youth soccer. Thank you for working with us toward this important goal.

FC Boulder... Who we are

FC Boulder is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We believe that soccer participation can be a life-changing experience for children and young adults. It is through the game we love that young people experience joy, create deep friendships, develop character, and nurture their physical bodies. We believe in Soccer for Life.
Soccer for Life

The FCB Foundation

The FC Boulder Foundation is devoted to raising funds for our Financial Assistance Program. With steadily increasing requests for financial assistance, the work of our Foundation has never been more important.
The FCB Foundation

Who we help

The profiles of our families needing support range widely… single parent households, families with multiple children, grandparents and their grandchildren, young adults presently living on their own... We serve the many faces of our community.
Who we help

How we help

It is through a multi-faceted application and review process that we do our best to equitably distribute our financial assistance funds to eligible families.
How we help